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Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier

Manufactured by: Piggyback Rider
Model: piggyback_rider
Price: $79.99
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Product Description

With the Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier Niloc, leave the stroller at home and forget about the bulky framed carrier!  Weighing less than three pounds and the size of a rolled towel, the Piggyback Rider™ is the first and only child carrier that allows you to comfortably carry a child up to 60 lbs on your back. With the ease of a standard backpack, the Piggyback Rider™ provides a shoulder mounted foot bar for your child to stand on, integrated grab handles for your child to hold, and a safety harness to secure your child.

The Piggyback Rider™ has unlimited year-round use, while hiking, touring, shopping, walking, watching, exploring, wandering, bonding at amusement parks, carnival, sporting events, malls, markets and everywhere else you may go. And, in the end, it's about more than just getting there; it's about an active interaction between parent and child, bringing you closer together in any adventure. The simplicity and ease of carrying a child with the Piggyback Rider™ revolutionizes child carriers and bonds parents and children in active transport.

It takes only moments for both adults and children to appreciate the quality and usefulness of the Piggyback Rider™. Compact, portable and simple make it ideal for every family with children. The sturdy construction from high quality material and integrated safety features bring peace-of-mind to every time you use it.


  • Streamlined unisex design
  • One size, fully adjustable
  • Supports a child up to 60 lbs, 2½ - 7 years
  • Integrated comfort and safety features
  • Four secure hand holds
  • Safety harness tethered to carrier (not shown)
  • Padded shoulder straps with sternum strap