Keekaroo Height Right High Chair + Comfort Cushion

Manufactured by: Keekaroo
Model: keekaroo_kids_nat_cushions
Price: $229.95


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Product Description

The Keekaroo Height Right High Chair + Comfort Cushion is an attractive seating solution for childhood and beyond.  At home, in school, or at a daycare, the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair + Comfort Cushion fits anywhere and for anyone. This modern hardwood chair can be used by itself with an optional wooden tray or pulled to the table.  With foot and seat plate adjustments, the Keekaroo high chair has an infinite amount of positions, creating the perfect seating solution for every child. Several accessories only add to the comfort, security, and safety of this JPMA certified chair. Its strength comes from 100% natural, sustainable hardwood and is proven by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty. Compared to other wooden high chairs, the Keekaroo Height Right stands out as the ultimate in style, function and affordability.  The Keekaroo Comfort Cushion has an foam filled, ergonomic, contour shape and is soft & supportive.  The comfort cushion is seamless, impermeable to fluid, soft and flexible.  The cushion has an impact resistant density and is peel, tear and puncture resistant.

The Keekaroo Height Right Chair grows with your child.   The Keekaroo Height Right Chair is placed at optimal height when
the child’s elbows are level with the top of the table.  The foot plate is placed at optimal height when the child’s foot can rest flat on it’s surface.  For optimal depth of the seat, position child’s back against backrest with seat supporting 3/4 of thigh.  For safety, the footrest should not exceed the front legs of the chair.  For teen / Adult use, use the Foot Rest as the Seat Plate for a larger seating surface.


  • Model: keekaroo_kids_nat_cushions
  • Manufactured by: Keekaroo


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