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See Me Smile Bear View Infact Mirror, Panda

Manufactured by: See Me Smile
Model: seemesmile_300panda
Price: $29.99
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Product Description

Introducing the See Me Smile Bear View Infact Mirror, Panda

Features & Benefits
  • Plush 14" Tall Bear - BearView is made from a soft plush material just like a stuffed animal.
  • 7" Diameter Mirror - The convex plastic safety mirror is raised in the center. This provides a wide angle of vision to view your baby. The mounting system also eliminates any vibrations.
  • Bean-bag - The bean-bag that is attached to the back of the bears head allows for simple placement and positioning of BearView. It also allows for additional uses (see additional use page).
  • Adjustable - The Mirror Adjustment Strap is used to position the mirror for that perfect view of your baby.
  • Anchoring - BearView has a variety of methods to anchor it to the seat. Please see below.
  • BearView provides peace of mind while entertaining your baby.