Jane Monte Carlo R1 Booster Car Seat, Flame
  • Jane Monte Carlo R1 Booster Car Seat, Flame
  • Jane Monte Carlo R1 Booster Car Seat, Flame

Jane Monte Carlo R1 Booster Car Seat, Flame

Manufactured by: Jane
Model: jane_141G2IPUSR62
Price: $189.99
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Product Description

Introducing the Jane Monte Carlo R1 Booster Car Seat, Flame.

Just because your little one thinks they’re all grown up, now that they’re out of their car seat, doesn’t mean you’ll think about their safety any differently. You still want to protect them like when they were a baby, even if they’re not so little any more. Meet the Montecarlo: It’s the booster seat to top all booster seats. It gives you the security, safety and protection of a car seat, but one made for your big kid. It uses latch technology to make sure they’re held securely in and it expands as they grow both vertically and horizontally. The fully padded backrest keeps them comfortable while also protecting them from any potential impact. You can’t stop them from growing up, but you can make sure they’re safe and comfortable as they do.

The Montecarlo booster seat makes your child ready for bigger adventures. Montecarlo is both height-adjustable and width-adjustable so your big child can grow even more in it, from 30 pounds to 100 pounds. The wrap around shape and larger size of the headrest absorbs any possible impacts and advanced side impact protection makes sure your child has a secure and smooth ride. If your child gets tired along the way, the great cushioning and recline tilting feature provides optimal support and comfort. Not only is this car seat incredibly cushioned and comfortable it’s also one of the most well regarded car seats on the European market providing advanced protection for your child so you can relax and enjoy the ride. So you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Recommended Usage: 30lbs - 100lbs

Features & Benefits

Adaptability - Maybe your little one is growing out of the baby shoes, but Montecarlo is still a good fit for your child. Thanks to the integral adjustment system Montecarlo is height-adjustable by extension of the backrest and width-adjustable using the sides of the headrest and the lumbar area, in turn providing complete lateral protection. The seat belt route makes the diagonal car belt adapt perfectly to your child’s shoulders so they can buckle up with ease. From 30 pounds up to 100 pounds, your child can enjoy a comfortable ride with Montecarlo. 

Comfort - Extra cushioning in the head and torso area gives your child a greater comfort for long trips and as a bonus the headrest has a tilting function to provide the support necessary for optimal rest and comfort for your little one on the move.

No matter the climate we want to make sure your family stays comfortable on the move with our high-quality fabrics. Montecarlo’s smooth polyester is breathable in warmer weather and cozy during colder months so the weather won’t stop fun family trips. 

Safety - Montecarlo is not only cozy and sleek, it also provides the safety and support you want for your child so you can enjoy it too. The improved side shock absorption ensures maximum protection. The wrap around shape and larger size of the headrest ensures that Montecarlo absorbs any possible impacts so your child doesn’t have a bumpy ride. 

Approved - Let your child enjoy a safe, secure and stable ride in one of the most well regarded car seats on the European market. The aluminum structure improves protection by 70% compared to the traditional system. The seat’s side impact safety and stability has awarded Montecarlo with one of the best scores in Eurotest 2012. We know that only the best is good enough when you are taking your child on their first adventures whether it is to the grocery store or your home state.


  • Model: jane_141G2IPUSR62
  • Manufactured by: Jane


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