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Arm's Reach Leg Extension Kit for Co-Sleeper - Toffee

Manufactured by: Arm's Reach
Model: armsreach_9861L
Price: $24.99
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Product Description

The Arm's Reach Leg Extension Kit for Co-Sleeper - Toffee, raise the CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet in 2" increments from 24" (normal bed height) to 30" (pillow top bed height). Leg Extensions must only be used when attached to the adult bed.

Warning: Please order only one kit. Raising CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet more than 30" will allow the CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet to become unstable. For bed heights taller than 30" it is recommended that a platform should be constructed with a 2" lip around the top to prevent CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet movement.

Please Note: If your CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet Original was manufactured prior to June 2004 we do not have leg extensions that will accommodate your unit. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.