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Belly Bandit Bosom Bandit, Large

Manufactured by: Belly Bandit
Model: bellybandit_BZB-L
Price: $39.95
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Product Description

The Belly Bandit Bosom Bandit, Large breast support wrap is an effective and comfortable method to help reduce milk production while supporting tender breasts. When the time comes to suppress lactation, the Banditas realized there are limited options to help mothers through this sensitive transition. We knew there has to be an easier, more convenient approach than squeezing into a tight, non-adjustable sports bra. The Belly Bandit Bosom Bandit™ a lightweight and simple solution, this unique design allows you to choose the desired amount of pressure, eliminating common complaints of neck and shoulder pain, and the unwanted bra strap indentations caused by the weight of engorged breasts.

The Belly Bandit Bosom Bandit™ is made from latex free elastic and covered with an ultra soft, moisture wicking fabric for sensitive breasts. To help reduce pain and swelling, we have included a reusable pair of 4" flexible, cooling gel packs lined with fabric. When used together, the Bosom Bandit™ and gel packs may help prevent and/or treat engorgement of breasts.

Size Guide

  • Cup (Small) - 30" - 35" 
  • Pint (Medium) - 36" - 40"
  • Quart ( Large ) - 41" - 45"
  • Gallon ( XL ) - 46" - 51"