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Diaper Dekor Refill Classic Bio Degradable 2 Pack

Manufactured by: Dekor
Model: dekor_2-11300
Price: $14.99
Availability:  More than 10 In Stock, Order Now!

Product Description

The Diaper Dekor Refill Classic Bio Degradable 2 Pack features new, innovative biodegradable refills that will lessen the load in landfills while keeping things clean and easy for parents. The refill boxes come with a convenient 2-pack so that you won't run out for a while and each bag holds up to 40 diapers. We also love that these durable refills are lightly powder-scented. 

Features and Benefits

  • New biodegradable refill.  Made without harsh chemicals, easy to decompose
  • Large capacity - Holds up to 40 diapers
  • Convenient 2 pack. 
  • Lasts for a long time, unlimited shelf life
  • Lightly powder-scented
  • Refills decompose completely - Doesnt require UV or exposure to air to break down.
  • Can safely be used in landfills or for composting.
  • A great value.  Saves you money compared to other refill systems.
  • Note: These refills will fit all "regular" size Diaper Dekor pails. They will NOT fit Plus sized pails.
  • Not Available For Sale In California