Jane Nanuq Lightweight Stroller - Cosmos
  • Jane Nanuq Lightweight Stroller - Cosmos
  • Jane Nanuq Lightweight Stroller - Cosmos
  • Jane Nanuq Lightweight Stroller - Cosmos

Jane Nanuq Lightweight Stroller - Cosmos

Manufactured by: Jane
Model: jane_131SINUUSR13
Price: $259.99
Status:In Stock, Ships in 2-3 Days

Product Description

With only one glance at the Jane Nanuq Lightweight Stroller - Cosmos you will immediately be struck by its uniqueness. Sure the Nanuq has all the standard bells and whistles that come along with a lightweight umbrella style stroller but it has also been built to stand out amongst other lightweight strollers.

The frame of the stroller is bold and shiny and screams of strength and durability, made from anodized aluminum it is durable and corrosion resistant. The roomy, tall seat allows older children to sprawl out for an afternoon ride around town.  If a nap is what suits your little ones fancy than you can select one of the five recline positions including a nearly flat recline perfect for some afternoon Z’s.

With the Nanuq you no longer have to fumble around with a stern foot brake but instead can enjoy a smooth release or set of the handbrake. The telescopic handlebars are almost unheard of amongst umbrella strollers and allows for all parents to easily maneuver the Nanuq. The fabric is a plush polyester/cotton mix that comes with bold, fun little patterns you won’t see elsewhere in the world of strollers.

With the purchase of a Nanuq you will receive a cup holder and rain cover, necessities you don’t realize you need until it is too late. The wheels on the Nanuq are much larger than other leading umbrella strollers allowing you to transition to all types of terrain with ease. The patented fold on the Nanuq is something to see, so compact that it compresses down to 3 inches smaller than the smallest stroller in its class. If you are on the go the Nanuq features a handle for easy lifting and when you are at home, a kickstand for upright and tidy storage.

With all of the bells and whistles, your Nanuq will stand out as the belle of the ball!

• Suitable right from 6 months age
• With the bonus of:
          Backrest with 5 positions
          Adjustable handle

• Stand to keep the stroller upright.
• Includes a practical carrying handle
• Large diameter wheels for difficult terrain (6.5in.)


Please note the belly bar is not included with the US model of the Nanuq.


  • Model: jane_131SINUUSR13
  • Manufactured by: Jane


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